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Acrylics and salt on canvas  cm 76x76 

a stasciuni ( Sicilian vernacular) the season. 
The harvest season is highly regarded, as it symbolizes a key moment in the economy of Sicily. Poppies, in particular, hold a special allure during this time, as they too are swept up in the excitement of the wheat., as it becomes a cornerstone of the local economy. Unlike the resilient wheat, poppies are fragile and only thrive in their natural habitat. Once picked, they wither away. let the wild stay in the wildness, it’s the only way to see the  highest  expression of beauty. 
the canvas is the first painted with Salt and acrylics. 
the texture of salt alternate to the acrylics reveal an intrigued dept in the painting. The more you look at it the more you get deep into beauty and sweet memories. 

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