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al sole, is a canvas that depicts the story of generations who create flower drawings, portraying the joy of spring in a harmonious space shared by adults and toddlers. It's a painting that celebrates the love and kindness for our inner child. I examined children's drawings, observed how they depict spring and joy, and then incorporated these stages of life as layers of color. The child's flowers remain the most prominent and initial layer, representing innocence and wonder that only children can comprehend.
Experience the beauty of spring and the innocence of childhood through art with ATTORNO AL SOLE. This canvas pays homage to the pure joy and wonder that children bring to our lives, incorporating their flower drawings as the initial layer of color. With each layer representing a different stage of life, this painting is a celebration of love, kindness, and the memories shared between adults and children. Let the vibrant colors and intricate details transport you to a harmonious space where the joys of spring are captured in every stroke.

At times, our art collectors may opt to have the canvas framed to suit their personal preferences or a specific style. The beauty of a timeless canvas like this is its versatility, being able to fit into any setting and be framed in various ways. To avoid any added expenses for our collectors, we do not offer stretching and framing services. Instead, we carefully package the canvas in a travel tube and provide a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. However, for those interested, we do offer the option to have the canvas framed with a solid wooden hidden frame or a floater frame, which can be selected at checkout in white, black, gold, or silver.

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