“My paintings are a medium for storytelling. Through layers of color, I create a space that captures the essence of beauty. Beauty is a balance between elements and emotions, coexisting to celebrate each other. As I add layers of color, a dimensional expression is revealed. The longer you observe my paintings, the more the canvas comes to life. Art is a contemplative experience, and the more time you spend exploring it, the more fascinating and profound it becomes”

G. Bicceri 




  • Marvel at the world through the eyes of a child, filled with wonder and awe as they witness the magic of life for the first time.
    While adults may take the sun, flowers, and rain for granted, my canvases serve
    as windows to this enchanting world allowing one to rediscover these wonders
    with a renewed sense of joy and hope.
    For art is a reflection of hope,
    a reminder that tomorrow holds the potential for even greater beauty and wonder if we only open our eyes to see it through our inner child.